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Please note: as a tiny brand-led store, we may unexpectedly close from time to time.

There's plenty to enjoy in the everyday, especially the small things. Concierge acts as a place for real connection. We pull together a small curation of like-minded brands that combine function, sustainability and accessibility. Explore and experience a compilation of good-for-all products in the heart of Richmond.

CONCIERGE features monthly residences for emerging brands.


Intimacy, reimagined. Rosewell is the founding brand of CONCIERGE, with sex care products designed every body and everybody. Familiarise yourself with goods, including signature vibes, including signature vibes, enriched oils and conversation cards. Pair these goods with Melbourne-made candles, Overnight bags and body care.

Ficifolia Fragrances

Ficifolia is an ode to our Australian lives, capturing those uniquely Australian smells, reminiscing our favourite places, people, time passes, and traditions. These are special moments that can be experienced by all through smell, no matter where in the world. Ficifolia is a premium brand, with a quirky and youthful flair, which embodies the laidback lifestyle of Australians in the most luxurious way.

Small Objects of Care

As the name suggests, S.O.O.C is a beautiful curation of items that reflect self-care. From Gratitude Journals to sterling silver earrings and incense holders, S.O.O.C products add elements of wellness to your home and style.

Choosing to make a purchase of any kind is an investment –– into yourself, your care, your relationships, and us as a business. We take this seriously and love you deeply.

CONCIERGE is a place for connection. Check in, get settled.

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